ways to clean wood floors

Ways To Clean Wood Floors

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Hardwood floors add elegance to any of the areas. However, almost all the homeowners think that such floors are very delicate.

The reality differs because most of the times wood floors have polyurethane finishing that makes them durable.

Clean these floors often to add some more years to their life and maintain the new-like shine.

Hardwood floors can also get tired and appear exhausted, especially in areas with high traffic. So, we will discuss some of the simple steps to keep your house floors clean.

If they are dirty, then you can simply restore their dignity without investing much time or money.

How to Clean The Hardwood Floors?

You will like the fact that all the hardwood floors are not equal and hence their cleaning schedules should be different.

So, the first step to examine the floors and how much traffic they need to handle. Afterwards, you need to plan a cleaning schedule.

In general, it is recommended to vacuum clean the hardwood floors once every week. Also, you need to mop clean it after every 30 days.

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You can change the schedule depending upon the traffic or if you own a pet. Follow the given steps while cleaning any of these floors.

Use a hardwood floor cleaner like Bona Hardwood Spray within a 3 by 3-foot area. Use a microfiber mop to wipe and collect all the dust particles.

Follow step 1 to cover all the rooms. If you notice an area that simply needs a quick cleanup, then you can wipe the same using a mop.

scratched-timber-floor1[1]How To Get Rid of The Scuff Marks?

Dirt and dust are not the only culprits when you are trying to clean hardwood floors. Move some pieces of furniture or wear shoes indoors and you will notice scuff marks on the floor.

No need to worry because these scuffs can be easily removed without much hard work.

You can deal with light scuffs using a sock. Polish any of these marks with a clean sock and it will be gone within a few seconds.

If the scuffs are stubborn, then sprinkle baking soda to a damp microfiber cloth and rub the marks very gently. Finish it using a damp paper towel.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

Take off the shoes: Try to leave your shoes out of the house. Dirt and small dirt particles beneath your leather wear could damage the wooden floor’s finish over time.

Use vacuum according to the schedule: If you want an overall floor cleaning from all the corners and crevices, then a vacuum cleaner is a great solution.

Choose a stick or canister vacuum that does not have a rotating brush. Here on CleanTheFloor.com you can find some the best wooden floor suitable vacuum cleaners. If you already own a vacuum with a brush roll, make sure it’s turned off while you are cleaning hard wooden floors.

Take care of the spills: You cannot avoid spills in a household, especially if there are kids or pets. Once a notice such an incident, blot the spill using an absorbent cloth as soon as possible.

Use a damp paper towel to remove any residue and polish the surface dry.


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