Rowing Machine Calorie Burning

Rowing Machine Calorie Burning

Rowing is one of the cardio exercises that can help you to shape your body. However, to get the most out of a rowing machine, you have to follow some strategies.

For cardio exercises, the first exercise machine that comes to our mind is probably a treadmill. If you’re a fan of low-impact exercise, then you can think of an best elliptical under $600. You probably don’t give as much attention to the rowing machine as it deserves.

You may probably assume that the rowing machine is for old-school people or not my type. But trust me, it has so many things to offer that you cannot deny it after knowing about its offerings.

Gretchen Raddatz, working on best rowing machine 400 lb capacity, as a trainer at a prominent place in New York City, said that you could burn calories with rower, and it has no extra impact on your joints.

The reason behind its capability of burning calories at a higher level is, it covers the whole body from arms to legs. It will pump the heart rate of yours at higher and burn calories at a higher level.

Gretchen has talked about using a rowing machine to get maximum output from a rowing machine. These strategies will help you significantly in your future rowing.

1. Sit Straight

You have to sit taller and straight for firing up the core. Gretchen says that you can make your workout session more effective and keep the airways open by sitting straight, rounding the back, lifting the chest, and avoiding dropping the head.

2. Power Stroke intervals

Row House suggests you do three sets of power strokes after warmup. “These are fast, hard strokes that explodes back,” says Gretchen. You have to pull harder with your arm and core to row faster while pushing harder against the foot straps with the feet.

And throughout the interval, your rhythm should be the same. The first set should be at a 24 stroke/min rate. You can find the stokes per minute rate at the rowing machine screen.

You have to perform ten power strokes at that rate, and after that, ten recovery strokes. The second set will be 26 stokes/min, ten power strokes, and ten recovery strokes. And third and final set will be at 28 strokes/min.

3. Attention to The Legs

Gretchen said that for speeding up the calorie burn, your feet play a crucial role by giving you the power to speed up the process. If you think your effort as 100 percent, then 50% of your action must come from the legs, 20 percent from arms, and 30 percent from the back and core.

You can work on the lower body’s big muscles by pushing the legs against the footrest for every stroke. This one will help you to burn calories at a higher rate.

4. Add Endurance Training

Endurance training can boost up the calorie burn. For endurance training, the rowing intensity should be medium, for example, 24 to 26 strokes/min.

You have to maintain a consistent pace during rowing; at this pace, row for eight minutes. You can add endurance training with the power stroke intervals training to get the best result.

5. Ladder Drill

This drill is more like climbing a ladder of strokes per minute. For performing this drill, start from 22 strokes/min, after 30 seconds or 60 seconds (based on your stamina), start rowing from 23 strokes/min, and continue this process until the rowing count is 30 stroke/min.

After reaching 30 strokes/min, reverse the process, and come down to the 22 strokes/min. This one is the ladder drill. Gretchen says that this process will boost up the calorie burn. She also added that this would lift you from the aerobic zone to the anaerobic site.

6. Rowing Plan Mix Up

You can mix the rowing plan every day. You can choose high-intensity rowing for one day, and the next day you can perform your endurance training. It is very efficient for calorie and fat burning.

Rowing incorporates cardio and strength at the same time. By mixing up, you can boost your stamina and strength also. It is not necessary to row for a more extended period for getting results faster; make sure your session is sufficient.

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