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Data Center Cleaning Best Practices

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Contaminants and microbial in a data center can result in overheating, failure of disk or tape drive, corrosion, damage to power supplies, and circuit boards. These are the reasons why you should maintain a clean data center for a long-running business without much downtime.

Subfloor space of a data center should be equipped to release pressurized clean air for the intake of your IT equipment. This floor space is necessary to prevent airborne contaminants from entering the fragile enterprise machinery like the rack servers or storage area networks.

So, keep the subspace clean and do not allow debris inside the same. Please follow the given tips to keep your data center clean in the right manner.

Avoid Sweeping: Do not sweep the floors. While doing so, you will push the dust particles inside floor panels, cracks, and cable pass-through. Seal all the ground cable cutouts using Air-Guard cable seals to eliminate any bypass of airflow and prevent entrance of contaminants into the cooling equipment.

Use Vacuum Cleaner: Use a dry mop or a vacuum cleaner depending upon the data center floors. By using a vacuum, the dust will not spread elsewhere, and you will get a thoroughly clean data center. If you are using a vacuum cleaner, it should be equipped with the HEPA filtration. Here are some of the recommended upright vacuum cleaners that you can use for your data center.

Prefer the same mop or vacuum cleaner: Do not try to switch mops or vacuums frequently. You cannot take the risk of bringing new contaminants daily.

mop or vacuum cleaner

Standard chemicals: If you are going to involve chemicals or cleaning agents in the cleaning process, then make sure that they are approved to be used in a data center.

Use disposable cloths to clean the cabinets: You cannot take the risk of moisture inside the racks or networking cabinets, so use a moist cloth to clean the interior and exterior part.

Always look for expertise: If you are bringing professional cleaning services onboard, make sure that they are well-established and have trained as well as experienced staff. Check with their last working sites. If they have a website, check for the reviews, and call their existing customers. Make sure that they have the right experience to handle the mission-critical data and devices.

Empty the dust canister outside the premises: Another essential part of the data center cleaning is to throw all the dust outside the office area. Leave no stone unturned to keep the contaminants away from your data center.

Performance reference check for the employees: If you are hiring cleaning staff, then you should look into their previous experience and working companies. Make sure you make a thorough check on the skills and certifications they have mentioned in the resumes.

All the vacuum cleaners should be up and running, without any leakage: If you are employing more than one vacuum cleaners, make sure none of them are faulty, even one out of form vacuum can dislodge the whole cleaning efforts. Wet & dry vacuums are better for commercial area cleaning.

Keep everyone aware: Cleaning is a very critical part of data center maintenance. Make sure everyone is aware of their roles and procedure. If everyone will be informed, they will act accordingly and there will not be any possible human errors

Other General Tips for Data Center Cleaning

  • Datacenter floors and sub-levels must be cleaned quarterly or whenever possible soon after that.
  • If you have renovated a particular area in your office, then there will be more dust and the data center will require early cleaning.
  • If you are consulting a professional cleaning service, then ask for a detailed quote. So that you can add or subtract the services according to the requirement and budget.
  • If you have tiled flooring in the data center, then in no cases the cleaning staff should remove the excess of the tiles at once. Such an undisciplined arrangement will change the air pressure inside the area and cause overheating in servers and other devices.

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You can either hire your own cleaning staff or take the help of professional services. If you are hiring, then make sure to include someone familiar with data center cleaning and maintenance. Whatever you do, always remember that a proper cleaning session is one of the most important things for a lag-free business.

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