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Everything About Ceiling Shower Head

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Need a spa-like experience at the comfort of your home? Then, you might need an upgrade in your shower. Consider a ceiling mounted rain shower head that can provide you with a soft and relaxing waterfall-like bath every morning. The flow of water coming out of such a fixture cascades all over your body and gives you a natural showering experience.

A traditional showerhead sprays a diagonal water stream to your body. Instead, ceiling-mounted fixtures mimic real rainfall and bring the same over your head. Prices vary according to the make and model, but they are not very expensive when compared to regular models. If you are looking to upgrade your shower head, then you should know the available types that you can consider.

Types of Showerheads

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We will discuss some of the showerhead categories so that you can choose the most suitable option for your bathroom.

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Fixed showerhead: You will notice these shower heads in most of the residential areas. With a diameter of 5 inches or less, there are no bells and whistles in a fixed shower head. It’s great for individuals who need an affordable bathing solution with a decent amount of pressure. Example, AquaDance 4inch shower head.

Rainshower heads: Most of the times they are fixed and are available in significant sizes. Generally, a rain shower head is available from 6 inches and goes up to 20 inches; depending upon the installation type, make and model. It’s the reason they provide you with a high coverage area for a comfortable bath.

Multi-function showerheads: If you want a variety of spray modes then choose one of the multi-function variants. Some of these shower heads also come with a handheld and faucet.

Handhelds: One of the most popular options because whether you want to modify the bathroom or building a new one, you can choose a handheld for versatile usage.

Dual shower head: What happens when you combine a handheld with a fixed shower head? A dual shower head system comes into existence. Means, you will get a wall or ceiling mountable shower head and a handheld that you can use for targeted cleaning.

Low-pressure shower heads: If your house has a low water pressure then, you should look for a showerhead that can work in such conditions. A low-pressure showerhead also consumes less water and hence operation cost is very low.

Advantages ceiling shower head

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Whether you are installing a new showerhead or upgrading to one of those, there are multiple benefits if it’s a ceiling-mounted variant.

Style: The attractive presentation of a ceiling mounted shower head brings some elegance to your bathroom.

Shower modes: Some of the versatile ceiling mountable heads give you multiple water settings including pulsating massage, water conservation mode and many other patterns in between these two.

Comfort: A ceiling mounted shower head releases the water over your head and instantly gives you an immersive feel. So, you don’t have to move much to cover all the body parts.

Water conservation: Ceiling mounted rain shower head generally releases water at 2.5 GPM, which is very low than previous models that used to work at 5.5 GPM. So, it’s also great to save water and hence your utility bills. Look for WaterSense labelled heads because they don’t use more than 2 gallons of water per minute.

Things To Consider To Select The Ceiling Shower Head

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Shape: Shower heads are generally available in round, square or oval shapes. You should choose the shape depending upon the existing bathroom décor. For contemporary washing areas, you can go for the square ones, especially if you have a bathtub.

Size: As we stated earlier, the ceiling mounted shower heads starts from 6 inches and can go up to 20 inches. Large the head size, more rain it will produce. However, don’t select a bigger head if you are living in low water pressure conditions.

Function: What kind of waterfall you like in the morning? Soft and gentle, massage or high pressure? If you like to enjoy multiple shower modes, then choose a multi-functional head. Such a fixture is suitable for a family so that everyone can enjoy a customized bath.

Ceiling or wall mountable: If you are already using a wall-mountable shower system, then shifting to a ceiling-mounted fixture might be expensive. In such situations, you can invest in a wall-mountable shower head with an adjustable ball joint that you can rotate according to your preferences.


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