Cut Back Ornamental Grasses in Spring

When to Cut Back Ornamental Grasses

It is common practice for gardeners to plant ornamental grasses in their gardens. After all, these plants have enticing colours and textures, so they beautify the area and easily attract attention.

Many gardeners also choose these beautiful plants because a large majority of the grasses are of native species. As such, they are very natural and helps to maintain a landscape that is water efficient.

However, the foliage of ornamental grasses eventually dies when the growing season has come to an end. Because of this, gardeners have to get rid of the grass. If you’re like most gardeners, you probably do not look forward to doing this because the task can be messy and time-consuming.

Thankfully, we know the ornamental grass removal best practices that can help you finish the task quickly and efficiently. We will be showing you these best practices here.

When is The Best Time to Cut Back Ornamental Grasses?

This depends on your personal preference. You can cut your ornamental grasses in autumn when these plants have just died or simply keep them throughout winter and get rid of them during spring.

The good thing about ornamental grasses is that they will not lose their attractiveness even after autumn. After all other plants in the garden have become dry, your ornamental grasses can still brighten things up a bit. There is also the fact that these grasses make good food for animals.

If you do decide to maintain the grasses through winter, you must get rid of them during the early days of spring lest they get mixed up with new growths. If this happens, removing the dead grass will be almost impossible without hurting the new ones as well.

Cut Back Ornamental Grasses

What Equipment Do You Need for The Job?

  • A good lawn rakes
  • A powerful petrol hedge trimmer (you can read reviews on GM) or pruning shears
  • Bungee wires or Biodegradable tape

Steps to Cutting Ornamental Grasses

1. Bind the stalks Together: Especially when dealing with full ornamental grasses, things can get messy. This is why you need to keep the mess at its barest minimum by bundling grass stalks.

For this, you can use a broad tape. Just make sure that the tape is sticky and can glue to the grasses. This is why we recommend a biodegradable tape. If you don’t have this tape a bungee cord too can do the job.

The height and width of your ornamental grass will determine whether you should bandage each grass bundle in two spots or three points along the expanse of the stalks. If the plants are large, you may need to separate their stems into many bundles.

2. Cut Your Grass: Once you have packaged your grasses in neat bundles, it is time to cut. Grab your shears and position them at the ground level of your grass and cut.

Make sure to tilt the packaged bundle away so that you will have a clear view of its base before cutting. If you notice that the grass is still well-grounded, you may want to switch to a hedge trimmer. Just make sure the bundle does not unravel while you cut.

3. Add Some Finishing Touches: While the most important step of cutting ornamental grasses is the actual cutting, there will almost always be a need to smoothen edges. A pair of pruning shears will come in handy for this. Also, do not forget to rake your garden and gather all wandering grass leaves and dirt.

After gathering all the bundles, you’ll need to transport them to a compost pile. However, you should remove the tape first if what you used is not a biodegradable tape. Bungee cords are easy to unravel and if you use a biodegradable tape you can simply leave it on the grass.

Tips to Cut Ornamental Grasses

  • Because most decorative grasses are perennial plants, you should remove the roots after cutting their stems.
  • Slice the grass into tiny pieces before leaving them to decompose. this will accelerate the decomposition process. You should do it when the stems are still in bundles
  • When composting a huge quantity of dead grass, you should add wet, greenish materials to balance the mixture. You can also introduce a little nitrogen fertilizer to assist the plant to decompose quickly


This bundling tactic generally works for all plants that have several shoots and require cutting. The technique has proven very effective for ornamental grasses so do make sure you don’t skip it. Hope you have got the answer of your question: When to cut back ornamental grass. Now its your turn. Enjoy the cutting.

How Long Should I Run On The Treadmill To Lose Weight

How Long Should I Run On The Treadmill To Lose Weight?

Since its recognition as a fitness tool in the 1960s, the treadmill has been almost synonymous with weight loss. When used correctly, it won’t be hard for anyone trying to lose weight to realize why.

However, if what you want to know is how much time you need to spend running on your treadmill to lose weight, then the answer is much more technical.

A lot depends on your food consumption, the composition of your body as well as the particular treadmill exercises you choose to do. The rest of this post answers your question further, so keep reading.

Basics of Treadmill Weight Loss

The key to losing weight is burning up more calories than you consume. The common belief is that if you want to remove one pound of weight, you have to get rid of up to 3,500 more calories than you eat. This sounds way too simple, but the bottom line is that shedding pounds involves ensuring that your body is deficient in calories.

Therefore, if you want to lose 2 pounds of weight in a single week, it’ll take a calorie deficit of about 1,000 per day. Now, if you decide to achieve this with a treadmill alone, you’ll be spending an awful lot of time on the machine. The best way is through both diet and exercise.

For those devoted about losing weight quickly, note that you’re advised by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute not to drop more than 2 pounds in a week if you want to lose weight healthily.

If you need to remove at least 500 calories a day from your food intake, it is best that you take vegetable smoothies or salad and then lose the rest of the fat on your hamster wheel.

Running on Treadmill for Weight Loss

It is one thing to run on a treadmill and another to do it the right way to lose weight as you want. The kind of result you get depends on the speed at which you’re running, the incline, the time length of the workout and the general composition of your body.

Running on Treadmill for Weight Loss

Take, for example, a man weighing 180 pounds. This man can knock out about 410 calories within 30 minutes of running if he does it 6 miles per hour. Naturally, weighty people tend to burn more calories as they work out.

While 6 miles per hour is a tough speed, it is hardly a sprint. This means that he gets to burn almost half of the calories he needs to get rid of to shed 2 pounds in one week. So, if you spend up to 40 minutes running on your treadmill per day, you’ll shed half the fat you need to accomplish your aim.

It is worthy of mention, however, that if you haven’t been exercising for a long time, you’ll be putting yourself in harm’s way by doing 40 minutes of heavy running a day. It is best to start gradually. Besides, an excellent workout routine incorporates resistance training to increase your metabolism and assist you in losing calories as you rest

Why High-intensity Interval Trainings (HIIT) Help

Short bursts of hard runs or high-intensity interval as they are often called, have a way of burning calories and building muscles fast. Especially for people with a lot of time constraints, HIIT can work wonders with only little investment time. Though there are no static parameters, HIIT is all about short spurts of high-intensity efforts which are usually accompanied by the same or longer durations of rest.

The Advantages of Running on the Treadmill to Lose Weight

One significant advantage that the treadmill has overs the outdoors is that it is much more comfortable and convenient. Also, one has plenty of options to adjust both the speed and inclines at which one runs.

Besides, you can keep track of your breaks with the machine. What’s more when you use folding treadmill under bed? You don’t need to worry about extreme weather conditions such as snow, rain and scorching sun because your treadmill is under the safe covering of your house in you under the bed.


Running on the treadmill is only one way of losing weight. If you wish for your efforts to be fully effective, then you must include a healthy diet plan. Don’t forget to switch things up a little.

Avoid sticking to the same exercises every time. If you put all these into practice, it shouldn’t be long before you start seeing remarkable improvements.

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Cleaning Tips

Data Center Cleaning Best Practices

Contaminants and microbial in a data center can result in overheating, failure of disk or tape drive, corrosion, damage to power supplies, and circuit boards. These are the reasons why you should maintain a clean data center for a long-running business without much downtime.

Subfloor space of a data center should be equipped to release pressurized clean air for the intake of your IT equipment. This floor space is necessary to prevent airborne contaminants from entering the fragile enterprise machinery like the rack servers or storage area networks.

So, keep the subspace clean and do not allow debris inside the same. Please follow the given tips to keep your data center clean in the right manner.

Avoid Sweeping: Do not sweep the floors. While doing so, you will push the dust particles inside floor panels, cracks, and cable pass-through. Seal all the ground cable cutouts using Air-Guard cable seals to eliminate any bypass of airflow and prevent entrance of contaminants into the cooling equipment.

Use Vacuum Cleaner: Use a dry mop or a vacuum cleaner depending upon the data center floors. By using a vacuum, the dust will not spread elsewhere, and you will get a thoroughly clean data center. If you are using a vacuum cleaner, it should be equipped with the HEPA filtration. Here are some of the recommended upright vacuum cleaners that you can use for your data center.

Prefer the same mop or vacuum cleaner: Do not try to switch mops or vacuums frequently. You cannot take the risk of bringing new contaminants daily.

mop or vacuum cleaner

Standard chemicals: If you are going to involve chemicals or cleaning agents in the cleaning process, then make sure that they are approved to be used in a data center.

Use disposable cloths to clean the cabinets: You cannot take the risk of moisture inside the racks or networking cabinets, so use a moist cloth to clean the interior and exterior part.

Always look for expertise: If you are bringing professional cleaning services onboard, make sure that they are well-established and have trained as well as experienced staff. Check with their last working sites. If they have a website, check for the reviews, and call their existing customers. Make sure that they have the right experience to handle the mission-critical data and devices.

Empty the dust canister outside the premises: Another essential part of the data center cleaning is to throw all the dust outside the office area. Leave no stone unturned to keep the contaminants away from your data center.

Performance reference check for the employees: If you are hiring cleaning staff, then you should look into their previous experience and working companies. Make sure you make a thorough check on the skills and certifications they have mentioned in the resumes.

All the vacuum cleaners should be up and running, without any leakage: If you are employing more than one vacuum cleaners, make sure none of them are faulty, even one out of form vacuum can dislodge the whole cleaning efforts. Wet & dry vacuums are better for commercial area cleaning.

Keep everyone aware: Cleaning is a very critical part of data center maintenance. Make sure everyone is aware of their roles and procedure. If everyone will be informed, they will act accordingly and there will not be any possible human errors

Other General Tips for Data Center Cleaning

  • Datacenter floors and sub-levels must be cleaned quarterly or whenever possible soon after that.
  • If you have renovated a particular area in your office, then there will be more dust and the data center will require early cleaning.
  • If you are consulting a professional cleaning service, then ask for a detailed quote. So that you can add or subtract the services according to the requirement and budget.
  • If you have tiled flooring in the data center, then in no cases the cleaning staff should remove the excess of the tiles at once. Such an undisciplined arrangement will change the air pressure inside the area and cause overheating in servers and other devices.

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You can either hire your own cleaning staff or take the help of professional services. If you are hiring, then make sure to include someone familiar with data center cleaning and maintenance. Whatever you do, always remember that a proper cleaning session is one of the most important things for a lag-free business.

ceiling shower head

Everything About Ceiling Shower Head

Need a spa-like experience at the comfort of your home? Then, you might need an upgrade in your shower. Consider a ceiling mounted rain shower head that can provide you with a soft and relaxing waterfall-like bath every morning. The flow of water coming out of such a fixture cascades all over your body and gives you a natural showering experience.

A traditional showerhead sprays a diagonal water stream to your body. Instead, ceiling-mounted fixtures mimic real rainfall and bring the same over your head. Prices vary according to the make and model, but they are not very expensive when compared to regular models. If you are looking to upgrade your shower head, then you should know the available types that you can consider.

Types of Showerheads

shower head from ceiling

We will discuss some of the showerhead categories so that you can choose the most suitable option for your bathroom.

You can see the best ceiling mounted rain shower head on Homegearable.

Fixed showerhead: You will notice these shower heads in most of the residential areas. With a diameter of 5 inches or less, there are no bells and whistles in a fixed shower head. It’s great for individuals who need an affordable bathing solution with a decent amount of pressure. Example, AquaDance 4inch shower head.

Rainshower heads: Most of the times they are fixed and are available in significant sizes. Generally, a rain shower head is available from 6 inches and goes up to 20 inches; depending upon the installation type, make and model. It’s the reason they provide you with a high coverage area for a comfortable bath.

Multi-function showerheads: If you want a variety of spray modes then choose one of the multi-function variants. Some of these shower heads also come with a handheld and faucet.

Handhelds: One of the most popular options because whether you want to modify the bathroom or building a new one, you can choose a handheld for versatile usage.

Dual shower head: What happens when you combine a handheld with a fixed shower head? A dual shower head system comes into existence. Means, you will get a wall or ceiling mountable shower head and a handheld that you can use for targeted cleaning.

Low-pressure shower heads: If your house has a low water pressure then, you should look for a showerhead that can work in such conditions. A low-pressure showerhead also consumes less water and hence operation cost is very low.

Advantages ceiling shower head

ceiling mount shower head

Whether you are installing a new showerhead or upgrading to one of those, there are multiple benefits if it’s a ceiling-mounted variant.

Style: The attractive presentation of a ceiling mounted shower head brings some elegance to your bathroom.

Shower modes: Some of the versatile ceiling mountable heads give you multiple water settings including pulsating massage, water conservation mode and many other patterns in between these two.

Comfort: A ceiling mounted shower head releases the water over your head and instantly gives you an immersive feel. So, you don’t have to move much to cover all the body parts.

Water conservation: Ceiling mounted rain shower head generally releases water at 2.5 GPM, which is very low than previous models that used to work at 5.5 GPM. So, it’s also great to save water and hence your utility bills. Look for WaterSense labelled heads because they don’t use more than 2 gallons of water per minute.

Things To Consider To Select The Ceiling Shower Head

ceiling shower

Shape: Shower heads are generally available in round, square or oval shapes. You should choose the shape depending upon the existing bathroom décor. For contemporary washing areas, you can go for the square ones, especially if you have a bathtub.

Size: As we stated earlier, the ceiling mounted shower heads starts from 6 inches and can go up to 20 inches. Large the head size, more rain it will produce. However, don’t select a bigger head if you are living in low water pressure conditions.

Function: What kind of waterfall you like in the morning? Soft and gentle, massage or high pressure? If you like to enjoy multiple shower modes, then choose a multi-functional head. Such a fixture is suitable for a family so that everyone can enjoy a customized bath.

Ceiling or wall mountable: If you are already using a wall-mountable shower system, then shifting to a ceiling-mounted fixture might be expensive. In such situations, you can invest in a wall-mountable shower head with an adjustable ball joint that you can rotate according to your preferences.


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Top 8 Tips For Buying A Mattress Online

Top 8 Tips For Buying A Mattress Online

It is not easy buying high quality and standard level mattress online. The fear of fraud and getting low-quality material are some of the things that discourage online buyers. Well, all hope is not lost because you can still get the best mattress online if you take all the necessary precautions when buying online. Here are the top 8 tips for buying a mattress online that will help you get a high-quality mattress that will guarantee value for your money.

The Best 8 Tips For Buying A Mattress Online

1. Look At The Brand History

The history of the available brand is the first step you need to consider when shopping online for a mattress. Ensure the brand is trustful by researching about it and asking for other people’s opinions. You should also consider a brand that is well known and if possible the one you’ve used before and had a good experience with as this will guarantee its value.

2. The Mattress Density

A mattress that has high-density foams is believed to be highly durable and long-lasting. Memory foam is more likely to have the best satisfaction for its customers. It is believed that many industries don’t use foam memory because it’s expensive as compared to other forms. They use latex, conventional foam or fluffy covers since they are cheaper. This results in a low-density that is less durable hence not satisfying enough.

3. Maintenance of the mattress

All mattresses need to be cleaned once in a while. A good mattress should be easy to clean and maintain. When selecting the best mattress online, you should consider one that is easily removable and with washable covers. Consider one that has zippers because it’s easy to remove and clean.

4. Consider your budget

As far as most people prefer high-quality, expensive items in the market, not all can comfortably afford them. However, all hope is not lost because there are still high-quality mattresses with pocket-friendly prices online. Choose the models that are budget-friendly so that you don’t spend more than you can afford.

5. Thermal comfort

Cooling gimmicks are very important in your dream mattress because it determines the temperature when you sleep on it. Mattress heat is controlled by airflow and moisture-wicking. Avoid mattresses that use alternative chemicals. By selecting a mattress with proper temperature, you avoid body indentation.

6. Free firmness adjustment and delivery

If your mattress is too soft or too hard, online companies will offer you a free trapper. This will save you from spending extra money on buying it separately. You should also consider the delivery option that the company offers. Even if the delivery is not free, it should come at a minimized price and the company should be the one to organize everything.

7. Go by your preferences

Your ideal mattress should match your sleeping position, the firmness of your bed and provide the support you need. If you are a side sleeper, you need to go for memory foam as this will be great for your weak back. Stomach sleepers need to look for firm bedding that will not allow your back to bow. For those who highly sweat while the asleep need to have a mattress with a layer of cool gel on the top. You need to read through the description of the online mattress to get one that meets your preferences.

8. Friendly terms with a free return policy

While buying an online mattress, you are not assured if you will get the exact product in good condition. Even if it works, other reasons can make you return the mattress. You to choose a company that has friendly terms and a good return policy. If you happen to return due to unsatisfactory condition all your money including shipping fees should be refunded with no conditions whatsoever. There should be friendly terms like canceling the order before delivery or changing or replacing the order. This way, you are guaranteed that you’ll get a good product.

Final Talk

Buying a mattress online should not be a risk if you take all the necessary precautions. There are many reputable brands in the market that will offer great value for your money. Just ensure you buy from a reputable company with friendly terms. It will not hurt to do some background checks on the company and asking for reviews from other people.

How To Use A Hedge Trimmer

How To Use A Hedge Trimmer- Essential Guide

You will agree that hedges have a natural allure to them that enhances the curb appeal of any home. They also provide an attractive complement to any lawn, tree or garden. However, if they are unkempt or overgrown, they will only make your yard look bad. Herein is the need for trimming hedges.

If you don’t know how to trim your hedges with your hedge trimmer, you don’t have to worry anymore. It is for you that we’ve provided this comprehensive guide on how to use a hedge trimmer.

How To Use A Hedge Trimmer

Safety First

As much as you want to get your hedges trimmed and looking good, you also need to pay attention to your safety and well-being. Before you start anything, ensure that you have a clean and clear space to work. This way, you can avoid cutting anything mistakenly.

Once that is settled, go ahead and put on some protective equipment. Some of the things you’ll need are listed below.

  • Hearing protection (for gas-powered trimmers)
  • Work gloves
  • Closed-toe shoes or boots
  • Long sleeves
  • Long pants
  • Safety glasses

You must read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them. You also need to inspect the trimmer before turning it on. Before cleaning or maintenance, make sure to unplug the trimmer. Also, keep children 50 feet away from the equipment and never let them operate it. To know the best extendable hedge trimmer in the UK you can visit GardenGrower.

Connect To A Power Source

When using a corded electric hedge trimmer, ensure you have a long enough extension with which you can connect to a power outlet.

Ensure that the battery of your cordless electric hedge trimmer is charged if that’s what you’re using. You can also get another battery and have it on standby for use when necessary.

For owners of gas trimmers, make sure your trimmer has a tank full of gas.

Trim Both the Front and Sides of Your Hedge

The first business you should worry yourself with once your trimmer is on is trimming the front and side of your hedges. In case your trimmer has many speeds, begin with the lowest setting. Use this setting until you get familiar with how your trimmer feels. Shift the trimmer in even strokes with both hands

It will be easier to trim the rest of the hedge once you trim the front one. It will give you insight into how the whole hedge should be shaped. Make sure the contours of the hedge are thoroughly defined as you work on the front and the sides.

Trim the Top of Your Hedge

When trimming the top of your hedge, pick a spot on the top, and cut everything above this spot. This will leave the entire top of the hedge parallel to the ground. If you prefer a rounded top, begin trimming with a downward stroke when you reach a few inches from the side. Though a rounded top looks good, it takes a lot of practice to get it right.

If you want something more precise and definite, you should use a string to guide you while cutting the straight sections. Attached the string to the wall at each end. You can also use cardboard templates as a guide while cutting curved parts.

Trim Inside Your Hedge

As you trim, the inside of your hedges should not be left out. While cutting, you’ll notice old growths inside the hedges. Usually, they’ll be quite withered and a little less green than the rest. So, using your hedge trimmer, carefully cut these old growths out. It is essential to cut these faded hedges away so that the entire hedge can remain healthy and well-shaped.

Clear Clippings Away

As you trim your hedges, make sure that you remove all the clippings. You must clear them away periodically as this will create space for you to move around freely. It will also help reduce the chance of you tripping or falling over.

To clear away the clippings you can use either a rake, brush or a leaf blower. It depends on how large the area you’ve covered is


You’ll find the result of your work very pleasing if you’re attentive throughout the trimming period. When you finish trimming your hedges, make sure to oil the hedge trimmer blades and clean it up properly, before storing it. If you do all these things right, you will end up with a perfectly trimmed hedge.

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Mattress To Top Or Not To Toppers Reviews

mattress topperA mattress topper is a layer with a thickness anywhere between 3 and 5 centimeters which is spread over a regular mattress.

It protects the underlying mattress and also makes it comfortable to sleep on.

The mattress should be in good shape; else the sags on its uneven surface will be transferred to the mattress topper and will reduce its usefulness.

Benefits of a Mattress Topper:

No one wants to wake up in the morning with a stiff neck, backache, numbness in the arms or general tiredness even after getting the required hours of sleep.

Mattress toppers can solve a lot of these aches and pains that people regularly complain of. Their comfortable feel induces sleep quickly without hours of restless tossing.

A mattress topper of sufficient density follows the natural curves of your body yet gradually bounces back into shape when you get off. It will also absorb your body heat a little while after you lie over it and become less firm, allowing you to sink in for peaceful slumber. This is a wonderful way to keep warm during the winter.

Even the best 10 inch memory foam mattress will experience some wear after being used for a couple of years. Instead of buying a new mattress, a mattress topper will give it a new feel at a much lower cost.

They are also useful over a new mattress that is a bit too firm for comfort. By fitting a topper above your precious mattress, you can protect it from exposure to dust and dirt, and make it last a long time.

Various Types of Mattress Toppers:

  • Feather / Down:

Mattress toppers made from feather or down can keep you snug all night. With the feeling of being cuddled, you won’t toss around so much.

These are natural materials that allow the easy flow of air and are equally useful all year round. If you are allergic to feathers or suffer from back troubles, do not opt for this mattress topper material.

  • Wool / Blended:

Wool or blended toppers are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. They regulate your body temperature and keep you cool during the summer.

Such mattress toppers do not provide much physical support to your body. They tend to lose their shape after repeated use, but it’s nothing a good shake can’t fix.

  • Memory Foam:

This topper is made of visco-elastic foam that can reduce various aches and pains, especially taking care of your delicate spine irrespective of your sleeping position. When you use memory foam toppers, you can share a bed with a partner who tosses about without getting disturbed.

It is much cheaper than a memory foam mattress yet retains its benefits of comfort, high durability, and giving you a healthy mind and body. Since this material does not breathe freely, it can make you feel warm and uncomfortable in the middle of the night. Some of the latest memory foam mattress toppers have temperature regulators, but those come at a cost.

  • Latex Foam:

Since latex foam mattress toppers are made of natural fibers, they take the shape of your body. The well-ventilated material is great for people suffering from allergies, and it also slows down temperature changes.

Its drawbacks are cleaning difficulty and loss of elasticity over time.


Mattress toppers form a wonderful substitute for buying a new mattress. They will help you get peaceful sleep at night and rejuvenate you when you wake up.

Choose the most appropriate material for your topper based on your home and personal health.