wet dry vac uses

Wet Dry Vacuum Uses

Wet and dry vacuums are designed to tackle dry dirt as well as liquid waste. Instead of using a dust bag, a wet and dry vacuum has two different champers for each type of waste.

It might have a compartment where both the dust types and mixed so that you can throw it out of the premises quickly.

Such vacuums include a variety of attachments that gives you a clean and smooth area. They generally come with a long power cable, so that you can get a large cleaning radius without changing the power outlet.

With such features and many useful functions, a wet and dry vacuum gives you versatile cleaning and remove all the dusting hassles from your way.

Working of a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

wet and dry vacuum cleanerSimilar to a canister vacuum, wet and dry vacuums were primarily used for industrial and commercial tasks. Nowadays, you can find compact vacuums that can be utilized in residential cleaning as well.

So, whether it’s your house or office, you can very well use a wet and dry vacuum, but with the added facility of collecting both dry and wet waste.

Motor, waste collection chamber and hose are the main components of a wet and dry vacuum. Its engine is fitter at the top of the waste collection bin. Once you switch on the cleaning device, its fan draws air from the dust canister and hose, creating a suction that catches all the waste.

Once the air reaches the open collection tank, it leaves the dust there and comes out through the upper vent.

Due to well insulated internal components, a wet and dry vacuum is safe to use. There are no risks of shocks or internal damage to the cleaning equipment. Such a vacuum requires less maintenance. However, the filter needs cleaning and replacement after extended cleaning hours.

Knowing the uses of a wet and dry vacuum is essential because such cleaners are versatile, efficient and can give you quick results if compared to an upright or handheld vacuum.

5 Uses of a Wet and Dry Vacuum

  • Spills: Whatever the liquid spill it can be; coffee, milk or water, a wet and dry vacuum will give you a radiant floor within seconds. Not only liquid waste, but it will also clean dry dust, debris and everything else that is spoiling the appearance of your house.
  • Clogged Water Drainage: Generally, most of the wet and dry vacuums come with a blowing function. You can use its blower to expel air that can free bathtubs, sinks, basins etc.
  • Floor and Curtain Cleaning: House floors and curtains are prone to daily dust and bacteria. You can use a wet and dry vacuum like a regular upright or handheld to clean up the house floors and curtains. Most of such vacuums will give a wide range of attachments to choose from so that you can clean most of the areas without spending much time and energy.
  • Clean Fireplaces: Cleaning a fireplace can be difficult and time wrecking. There are chances that you may create a further mess if you do not have the experience or right cleaning equipment. However, if own a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, then this task will not be as backbreaking as it looks. A wet/dry vacuum will easily collect wood chips, ashes and other burnouts. Just make sure that everything is cooled out before you use a vacuum over them.
  • Carpets or Rugs: Carpet cleaning is not an easy task; even if you have one of the best cleaning equipment. A wet and dry vacuum can perform efficient cleaning if you spread carpet shampoo or cleaning detergent. Within a short interval, all the stains and mildew will be gone.

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Bottom line: If you are a proud owner of a wet and dry vacuum, then you are already having a best in class cleaning experience. New users are more than welcome to try a vacuum from this category. If you want a long service from your cleaning device, always follow the instructions manual, never pull it using the hose, and clean the air filters at regular intervals. Also, make sure that the dust tank is emptied before you store a wet and dry vacuum.

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